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Ok I am  going to tell you how Atlantic Distillery works. We normally supply the rail or brand you get if you don’t specify a brand in a bar when you order a drink. Let me back up and say our main business is supplying the military with rail brands and supplying the PX's with reasonably priced spirits. Each year there are taste tests and we have to be in the top 10 and we have done this for many years.
The Henry M Wright Co has been in business and licensed since the day prohibition became legal and is a Md based company.
Let’s see how the production works. We buy much of our spirits from a large producer by the tractor trailer load. Delivered to our tanks in Baltimore in pic 1. Top quality mass produced. Our Vodka 7 times distilled and filtered through Atlantic’s filters and then bottled by us. Smooth and easy on you the next day and at a price that is unbelievable! Taste tested and beating some names I can’t mention. No Wholesaler. Deal direct and save.

So President Trump signs an order giving Breweries and producers and bottlers a tax break. We qualify and we are offering top quality spirits at a rock bottom price.

Our White Marlin brand exclusionary sold in OC and is making its way through Ocean City liquor stores an restaurants and people are raving over the products.

Our products used to be distributed by the county dispensary. Now there is an Eastern Shore and Baltimore sales force.
Our retailers have been known to sell out for the White Marlin Open. 

Atlantic Distillery 

Eastern Shore Division of Atlantic Wine Spirits White Marlin and Chesapeake Brands of Liquor. 1st Quality Well Brands at an Unbelievable Price. Many are bottled and hand crafted in Maryland. Ready to supply the Restaurant and Liquor Store Trade.

Atlantic Distiller

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